Waterproof Jewelry Care

Our waterproof jewellery collection was designed for 24/7 wear, it is stainless steel & 18k gold plated. Even though our jewelry is waterproof we would advise you to not use harsh chemicals on it ( eg, perfumes , lotions ). Also store your jewelry separate from other jewelry to avoide scratches.

Please keep your jewellery away from the following: 


Dish washing soap 

Harsh chemicals 

Lotions and sunscreen 

When your jewelery gets wet, kindly wipe it down with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry. The 18k gold tone may turn a bit darker or lose  it’s shine after wearing but it will not fade.

Everyone’s skin type is different, some people have strong reactions to bronze & gold plating .Should your jewelry change colour to skin oils we will not be responsible to refund you.