My Real Squeeze Mask [Bamboo] 20ml Skin thirst quenching

My Real Squeeze Mask [Bamboo] 20ml Skin thirst quenching

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1. 100% cellulose & perfect skin-fitting sheet This thin sheet mask is made of eucalyptus, with improved adherence on skin, effectively delivers essence into skin. * The ‘Easy-Peel-Design’ comes with a handle on the top of the sheet mask makes it more convenient to apply and remove.

2. Filled with rich ingredients The active ingredients are slowly extracted through a ‘cold brew squeeze process’ at low temperature, to ensure all the nutrients are completely included.

3. Each sheet mask provides specific skin benefits These sheet masks, are ideal as a daily pack, to target different skin concerns. It is available in refreshing-water type, rich-cream type and moisturising-essence type. *The icon on the packaging indicates different types of texture.

4. Jeju green complex X Bamboo = Skin thirst quenching! It’s filled with Jeju green complex (green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves & orchid) and bamboo to fully moisturise the skin.